Digital media within society

Description of assignment:

All students are required to create an online Blog containing a visual journal of your own self-directed visual studies away from class time. The blog must demonstrate exercises set during lab and lecture sessions. It may include

  • Sketches, collages, photos, photocopies, notes, scanned works, writings, online content, articles/images from magazines and newpapers
  • Images by other visual sources, e.g. film links or stills, film posters, CD covers, adverts etc.
  • Reflections on films seen or exhibitions visited, designs observed, articles in the media, tv etc.
  • Personal notes that provide a form on inspiration, e.g. songs etc.
  • CA production process.
  • Actions outcomes from Project feedback session(s).The visual diary MUST have the following:

    1. Create a link a dedicated Digital Media Within Society online blog – this must not be part of an existing blog.
    2. Upload any documents and work completed in labs/lectures.
    3. Upload any supporting images or video.

    4. Include examples including, inspirations, sources of reference, media articles etc .. 5. Reflect on project work and learning’s outcomes.
    6. Contain links to reference material / videos / other
    7. This is a visual diary – lots of visuals should be included.


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